I found this burned-out tree in Istanbul, just moments after leaving the vast and busy coolness of the Hagia Sophia. Its rich green leaves offers passers-by the much-needed relief from a relentless sun. At first, it appears welcoming and sturdy, but as you come nearer, you discover its hollow centre –  just layer of outer bark... Continue Reading →


Bounce-back ability

After Burnout, it is so hard to build yourself back up to health again .. Ask a coach to partner you, to help you find your way back to thriving again. Begin by building greater Mindful Resilience -  this is the way our unconscious mind,  brain and body communicate with each other and impact our... Continue Reading →

The changing role of women and men Both women and men are redefining their roles in the 21st century. With the 4th industrial revolution on hand,  the disruptive, fast paced changes in technology, global business and the way we communicate today, means that everyone needs to redefine the way we thrive in this world. We live... Continue Reading →

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