The changing role of women and men

Both women and men are redefining their roles in the 21st century. With the 4th industrial revolution on hand,  the disruptive, fast paced changes in technology, global business and the way we communicate today, means that everyone needs to redefine the way we thrive in this world.

We live most days at a relentless pace and the Ashbridge Report predicts that this accelerated change will continue for the next 30 years. This will bring greater complexity, uncertainty – and of course, the potential for stress overload. This calls for a skills-upgrade and more adaptive mental habits if we are to tap the opportunities of this century and to anticipate the challenges as they arise.

msp-neurofeedback-wow-2Our LiquidTHORT Portal and coaches can partner you in in this transition, offering you a 21 century Mental lens to build greater mental clarity. Navigate this dynamic uncertainty and thrive.

THORT workouts, animations and tools build strategic insights and new levels of mindful awareness.  You focus your energy on getting on the right track, while we guide you through the most effective processes to help you reach your goal.  Fast.

More about the  Vision Aim and Process …

Jung said that … We need to continually change the language and form we use to describe our time, so that it best reflects its new spirit and focusWe do this using THORT Workouts, accompanied by Smart Sheets and updated Concept Maps. Our central metaphor translates the seeming ‘neuro-babble’ and complexity of neuroscience into simple and memorable language and forms. You can then stay focused on working towards your goal, while we partner you with the most effective tools and strategies, to get you there.

THORT’s Strategic System is aligned with a 21 century focus, to help you navigate today’s challenging uncertainty with effective insight, resilience and innovation.  Tap into the new possibilities in our changing world and make smart sustainable choices and thrive.

No fuss, no neuro-babble, just smart decision-making for sustainable results.


 For more, go to ..

The 30% Club

The shifting  CIMA success for Women.


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