Bounce-back ability


After Burnout, it is so hard to build yourself back up to health again ..

Ask a coach to partner you, to help you find your way back to thriving again. Begin by building greater Mindful Resilience –  this is the way our unconscious mind,  brain and body communicate with each other and impact our intentions, and direct our actions without us usually being aware of it.

The Circle of Coherence: balancing our Mind + Brain + Body connection to thrive.

The Circle of Coherence occurs is at the centre of our THORT models, and it highlights the neural networks connecting our multi-level mind-brain-body system. It depicts the powerful physiological source of our emotional power, often based on systems we are unconscious of as we focus on a task.

This is a lens down into the core of our being, a primal place guided by our genes and our emotional understanding of our past experiences.

So, while we are consciously working on one thing, these underlying forces are either supporting it … or not. Mindful awareness of this integrated coherence is essential to regaining resilience and thriving.

Ask a THORT coach to partner you on your journey towards reigniting your joy.


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