Comments from some of our clients.


deloitte   – Ayanda Kotoba, Auditing

“You helped me get past my mental block and now it feels great to be able to move on with my life.Thank you so much.”


barclays   – Allison Cook, HOD Learning and Development.

Thanks for your great work with our candidates yet again this year! Our great results are in a large part due to your passion about what you do and the engaging ways you search out ways we can do better.


PWC.png   – Fredre Ferreira, Learning & Development Price Water House

Amazing, as always! A member of the group called the few days she spent with you as simply ‘Life Changing’! Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.


uj    – Seabi Mokoena, Lecturer, University of Johannesburg

Everyone was bowled over and we really learned a lot about ourselves and how to cope with the stress of it. That inspired us and we are so motivated now to do our best.


uct   – Alex Watson, Accounting, Professor, University of Cape Town

I’m delighted to tell you that our mid-year results for your group were surprisingly good. Our (people) were so motivated and confident after your day with us, and they obviously used their break to practice what they learned with rewarding results. Thank you.


wits  – Gratitude Ramphaka, Senior Manager, WITS (Auditor General SA)

Over the last two years you helped me believe in myself and change the way I do things when I’m stressed. It’s really turned my life around. Thank you


uniforthare    – Thuthuka Bursary student, Fort Hare University.

‘Your BLINK Ocular Accelerator program made all the difference to my reading and the way I recalled things afterwards. It helped me switch on my smart mind when I was under time pressure. Do you have any other programs I could use to help me at this level?’


unilimpopo    – Derrick Moshione, Auditor General, SA, Limpopo University.

The course showed me things I never knew at all before. I learned such a lot that I can improve in myself. You gave me hope that I can achieve my dreams. May god bless you.


saica  – Chantel Mulder, Transformation, SA Institute of Chartered Accountants

May God bless you for the wonderful work you do with us. You are an angel sent to give us hope and light our way.


riotinto     – Bianca Clarke, at BCCA, WBS (Riotinto)

Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and insight during our time at WITS Business School. I don’t believe I would have survived if I had done it alone.


empowerdex   – Vuyo Jack, CEO, Empowerdex

“You help to lift the lives of so many. I was honoured to be invited to be part of  such an inspirational day. Thank you and don’t ever lose your faith …”


transet   – Darryl Louw, CA(SA) Transnet

I found the work very practical and informative and it helped me balance the preparation for the board with the pressure of my wedding. Both went really well.


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