EEG for Positive THORT

We use EEG personal wellness headsets to research effective Neuro-coaching tools and workouts.

emotiv-150x200Advances in technology EEG and BCI (Brain Computer Interface) technology  is moving into the personal wellness arena and becoming accessible to the general public.

EEG has been around for many years in the realm of medical science and so its focus here has been negative, clinical and seeking out mental illness, such as epilepsy.

Today the conversation about EEG is moving into the Health and Wellness field, with a positive lens focused on improving performance and building new neural networks.

A Glimpse into BCI Applied Research

We offer you a quick peek into each article by combining our overview on the articles with referenced snippets taken from each one.  You can download any article for further reading by using the link below each one.

1)  Reading EEG headset to drive a wheelchair – in 2014 by De Souza, et al.

Erickson combined forces with a University in Brazil  to design a BCI system to harness a person’s brainwaves to drive a wheel chair. 

They combined the technology of Emotiv’s Epoch Headset and Google Glass to facilitate action and steering. The results were published in ‘XXIV Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering- 2014.


Abstract: This paper describes a development of a noninvasive experiment based on automated navigation. In operation, the subject faces a screen with a real-time virtual of the convention center scenario, and concentrates on the area of the space to reach. First, a visual training process for register the neurological phenomenon and the EEG signal processing as preparation of the navigation system, which drives the person to the desired place while avoiding collisions. This work presents a general introduction to the topic of EEG, data-acquisition, processing of the EEG-signal and evaluation about interfaces, implications on the performance to translating through into actions.

Conclusion:  The BCI (Brain Computer Interface) accuracy, the performance of the graphical interface and the performance of the navigation system was high, indicating that the integration of these technologies was satisfactory. In the near future, we are working on the improvement of the system to address the common problem of all event related potential approaches: the low information transfer rate. As future work, it would also be important to perform experimental complete validation with potential users based on psychological metrics. 

Download the PDF at:



More resources and articles:

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