30% Club

The Changing roles of Women and Men.

Both women and men are redefining their roles in the 21st century. With the 4th industrial revolution on hand,  the fast paced, ongoing changes in technology, global business and the way we communicate today, means that we all need to redefine the way we choose to live in this world.

The 30% Club – woman on boards by 2020.

THORT has actively promoted the transition of women up the career ladder for the last 2 decades. Our most significant contribution seems to be when women get stuck at a particular level and just can’t seem to move forward.

This can be when they meet an apparently insurmountable career obstacle and lose motivation, or even fail a final professional qualifying exam 4 or 5 times and don’t know what to do to change the outcome.

Each situation and its solution is unique, and we partner each clients towards achieving greater clarity about the challenge, then building new insights, skills and finally, strategies to move forward to success.

The business case for more women on boards

As we have seen over the last 5 years, the most successful businesses in today’s VUCA world are made when men and women make strategic decision together – they often use a different lens to view a complex situation, and then together, they come up with the best decisions for flexible and sustainable future growth.



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