3 Steps

THORT Navigator’s 3 simple yet effective steps.

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These steps are applied as we partner an individual in a specific challenge or setback, in a specific context and time.

We coach you with simple models and metaphors. These combine complex neuroscience promoting effective performance in a VUCA world with the technical know-how of an expert in a specific situation.

While you might begin your learning journey with one coach, you could later draw on another expert in a related technical field, to partner you as you progress upward. And all the while, THORT models and the central metaphors and concepts are on site and applied throughout.

The THORT Navigator System  helps you keep a simple and consistent mindview of your role in the challenge throughout your learning journey. This makes it more memorable and lifts your game to new heights faster.

3 Steps to building resilience (It’s easier with a THORTbuddy or mentor.)

THORT bubble

Step 1: Dream big!

Overwhelmed? What is the issue?

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