Nandi rekindles her spark.

Nandi’s life-hijack

Years later, a young woman called Nandi was referred to me by a client. She had been hijacked on her way home.  She had undergone trauma counselling but they were concerned that she had became ‘stuck’ in an unproductive space.

When I met with Nandi she described herself as living in a bubble, as if ‘no one was really home’, but could not rekindle her earlier passion for her work or career.

She asked me to help her find inner spark, her vital sense-of-self, the interest in things that made life worth an effort.  Nandi wanted the essential healing power of a ‘Helpful Talk’ coach to help her re-imagined her world today and help her redefine her vision for her future.

Nandi also wanted new learning more about herself so she she could be more in control of her self in future threatening situations.  She hoped that this awareness would give her greater resilience and support smarter decisions in the future.

TC-MsP-VictimProtector model-2

Nandi agreed that we use a neurocoaching focus that included the way her mind + brain + body communicated in a threat situation.  This process created a safe space that operated at two levels.

For example, a visual model like the one on the left was used to build a safe objective space ‘above the fear’ while she explored emotions and memories in context. During this time, we tracked her thoughts and bio-markers and used these for later learning.

I was inspired by Nandi as she renewed her courage and resilient spirit.  As she rebuilt her passion for life, she and new-found wisdom and empathy for others – and also, a love of neuroscience.


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