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THORT collaborates with experienced THORT Gurus with expertise in various fields to help people get on track after a setback. We help them recover their balance. They become a little more aware about themselves, and their specific challenge in their world – so they can succeed, then transition on with their careers.

We build an inclusive mindset promoting mindful leadership in business, in line with the 30% Club goals. We apply a solution-focused approach in a current specific context in time, aligned with the unique personal strengths and stresses of the individual.

Please contact us to let us know you are interested and available.

THORT’s holistic guiding principle:

Each one of us is a whole amazing being, and we have within us the untapped potential to live rich, rewarding lives.

We are also primarily social beings living in a dynamic world, and at times, we all need a partner to help us successfully to go beyond a habitual way of seeing things.  This will help us transition to a new level of insight and skill in new challenging situations.

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Navigating in a fast-paced and ever-changing VUCA world.  

Advances in new technology and a changing global world living in the 4th phase of the industrial, now need to build vertical development – building higher level insights, rather than just more at the same level.  The most effectively productive and happy people are those who have learned superior mind-management strategies and mindful awareness of stress navigating strategies for their situation.

THORT’s Navigator System begins with effective brain management that can be applied by any person (universal), in their specific situation (specific).

THORT Space is an online portal where key universal elements influencing strategic decision making are  explored, and then applied in a specific way suited to a challenging context.

To achieve this we use a holistic metaphor for the way our brain-mind- body connections which is then applied by technical gurus in the challenge.

This way, you achieve both vertical and horizontal development in one space – THORT Space.


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