BrainSmart Lens

THORT’s BrainSmart System

We all need this life-changing information to help us live happy and effective lives in our challenging and dynamic world. Today, I use this knowledge and past experience to  promote wellness and mindful thinking in a challenge, especially for women as they progress in business.

To do this, I use simple metaphors, guided by little Ms Perfect, to translate complex and often overwhelming neuroscience into familiar and memorable language and forms.This helps us stay focused on solving our current dilemmas, while using our BrainSmart Workouts to build awareness and new insights – all the while we are also building more effective new mindful habits.

Later, if you wish, you can return and learn more about using BrainSmart approaches to promote resilient and joyful living.

The most significant THORT tools are the 3-tier puzzles, illustrating the neuroscience underlying 3 levels of threat.

They help us to explore an emotionally challenging situation, while promoting an objective and multi-dimensional view. This visual and tactile process helps to build both new insights while it embeds BrainSmart processes and information in your memory, making it easier to build new mindful habits.

This process is really useful for self-coaching through an tricky dilemma.

BrainSmart Coaching – Humanism meets Neuroscience

Over the last 2 decades, I have had unusual success in coaching CIMA women iusing a BrainSmart approach that integrates knowledge about the way our minds, brains, and bodies impact our choices and ultimately- our performance under pressure.

I have worked for more than 2 decades as a teacher then coach supporting people who have experienced a setback. I’m particularly interested in helping people to gain resilience and get ‘unstuck’ from a life setback, so they can move on towards a more rewarding future.

I combine the Art (visual and gestalt) and Science of being human in a Neurocoaching process promoting goals and general wellness. My focus is definitely not for medical or psychotherapy processes, but, as there is a little quality information written at the moment, I am modifying existing neuroscience findings to in line with neurocoaching processes.

Coaching Mindful Awareness

I help the coachee develop greater mindful awareness about managing their ongoing stress by combining a humanistic approach with Gestalt and neurocoaching processes, all made visible through a BrainSmart lens.

I have found this process helps to reduce self-judgement as it holds the coachee in a very personal and constructive way, allowing them to safely navigate through a specific dilemma, or a sense of threat in context.

I use Neuro-Play tools, either 1-on-1 coaching, or in small groups. The Neuro-Play system is designed around a central metaphor of an Egyptian Dhow (2 story boat) depicting dominant brain and body functions, and can then be applied though all our models, games, software and cheat sheets.

These tools, games and workouts help hold the tension felt between their feelings, and the building an objective lens about their situation or dilemma. The visual and narrative elements reveal how the mind body and brain influence their choices in a dilemma or challenging context.

For example, after the goals of a coaching session have been established, these can be developed through using a simple tactile puzzle. This adds a visual to their story making it easy to identify with and remember, all-the-while building mindful awareness and learning about the dominant mental and physical systems at play.


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