About BrainSmart Leadership 

THORT’s Strategic System is aligned with a 21 century focus, to help you navigate today’s challenging uncertainty with effective insight, resilience and innovation.  Tap into the new possibilities in our changing world and make smart sustainable choices and thrive.

We live most days at a relentless pace and the Ashbridge Report predicts that this accelerated change will continue for the next 30 years. This will bring greater complexity, uncertainty – and of course, the potential for stress overload. This calls for a skills-upgrade and more adaptive mental habits if we are to tap the opportunities of this century and to anticipate the challenges as they arise.

msp-neurofeedback-wow-2We partner you in THORT space, using a 21 century mental lens to navigate this dynamic uncertainty, based on the latest neuroscience and physiology research.

THORT workouts, animations and tools build insights and new levels of mindful awareness.  You focus your energy on getting on the right track, while we guide you through the most effective processes to help you reach your goal.  Fast.

Our shared problem – our amazing minds are out of date!

The human brain is the most complex organism in the known universe, and yet the way it is wired is a millennium out of date!  It is the one thing that we all have in common, regardless of culture and experiences. It’s design and habits influence the choices we makes in various situations and these decisions ultimately impact on the success of our performance every day.

It is designed to give us a survival edge when we come across a rampant lion or bear – rather than to survive the rather challenging person we dance around each day.

This means that the way our brains function is still catching up on the way we need to best manage our stress. And what about that mental chatter! This can prompt me to do daft things in the heat of the moment – and then later I respond with the familiar question: ‘How on earth could I say that? What was I thinking!’


ity, uncertainty – and of course, the potential for stress overload. This calls for a skills-upgrade and more adaptive mental habits if we are to tap the opportunities of this century and to anticipate the challenges as they arise.

Today, advances in technology are accelerating the BrainSmart Revolution, helping us up-date our brain design to meet the real needs of life in the 21 century.  So far, we have thrown out some old myths about the way we think and respond to our world, such as, we now know that our brains are amazingly plastic throughout our lives, promoting Smart Thinking at any age.  

Today, research shows us that the way to update an old habit effectively is to focus on building a new one to replace it, rather than to focus mental energy on what we want to eliminate.  Hebbs Law tells us that what we our focus attention on strengthens a habit – our neural networks that ‘fire together, wire together.’  

Navigating in a VUCA world (Volatile Uncertain Chaotic Ambiguous).

We are living in the 4th phase of the industrial revolution. This changing global landscape impacts all of our lives both directly and indirectly.  We can no longer just do more of the same, at the same level, and hope it will suffice.

uncertainty-skills-upgradeRecent advances in technology both change our lives, and also helps us to build higher level insights aligned with these changes. We each need to build on our vertical development to align ourselves with the unique challenges we have of living today.

Recent research shows that the most effectively productive and happy people are those who have stepped up to challenges and unique opportunities of today’s amazing world.  

Today, to perform effectively in our dynamic world, and to live well in the future, we now know that we need to build a higher (vertical) level of awareness of our mind-brain-body connection.

This is where my fascination with NeuroCoaching comes in. Advances in technology and communication makes the latest neuroscience research available to everyone. I use this to build self-coaching tools and workouts to improve mindful awareness of our mind-brain-body coherence, and hopefully, some insights from smarter thinking.

With all this ground-breaking research at my fingertips, lets hope I will be effective in my next challenge – even when I’m tired, anxious, or at my wits end.

Join me as I update my mental hardware and build the best ‘memories of tomorrow’.

Welcome to today’s BrainSmart Revolution!



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